Public Transportation, Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee

  • Reviewing all proposals concerning public transportation policy
  • Advising the Select Board and the Town's representative on the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA)
  • Reporting to the Town Meeting on any article that concerns public transportation
  • Conducting specific studies concerning public transportation
  • Giving advice to the Select Board and to the Town Meeting on policy concerning public transportation


*The Board is composed of 7 members, serving 2 -year terms, and are appointed by the Select Board. The Committee calls for its voting members to include, as possible, 1 member to represent the perspective of the handicapped citizens and 2 members to represent the Town's cyclists. Otherwise, a spread of members among different geographical areas in Town is desirable.
Member Year Appointed Term Expiration
Aaron Hayden, Chair 2015 2018
Richard Fein 2013 2016
Karen Kowles 2013 2016
Kimberly Tremblay 2015 2018
Frances VanTreese 2013 2016
Eve Vogel 2013 2016