Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission is responsible for numerous matters related to conservation planning and land management. The Commission helps update the 5-year Open Space and Recreation Plan, administers State and Town Wetland Protection statutes, and helps with the acquisition of land. 

Committee Members 

Members are appointed by the Town Manager: 7 members / 3-year terms.
Committee Member Name Year Appointed  Term Expires 
Briony Angus, Chair 2008 2018
Harvey Allen 2006 2018
Robert Brooks 2013 2019
Brett Butler 2014 2018
Fletcher Clark 2014 2020
Christiane Meyer Healey  2012  2018
  1. Current Projects
  2. Past Projects

Fearing Brook Study

July 2014 – The Conservation Department has received a $36,100 grant from the General Grant Program of the Massachusetts Environmental Trust (MET) to support the study of the Fearing Brook. (More Information)

Using the MET funds, the Conservation Department in partnership with Amherst College and the Hitchcock Center for the Environment, has begun a project to study and improve the water quality of the Fearing Brook, a tributary to the Fort River.  Currently, a watershed assessment has been completed and a sampling program will be initiated in January 2015 and continue through 2016.
(Map of Fearing Brook) (More Information)
     Fearing Brook