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Posted on: December 28, 2017

Post-Holiday Recycling-That's a Wrap!


Post- Holiday Recycling- That’s a Wrap!

Now that the presents have all been opened and holidays celebrated, we wanted to give you some quick reminders about how to dispose of all of your holiday related items in an eco-friendly way.

Recycling and Reusing Holiday Items

You can recycle cardboard and paper boxes, paper gift and shopping bags, paper gift cards, wrapping and tissue paper (without foil), catalogs and calendars. Ribbon, plastic cups, and packing foam have to go in the trash, or save them for to reuse. Broken holiday lights can be taken to Lowe’s for recycling, or else thrown away. Plastic bags can be brought to big box and large grocery stores for recycling. Here is a visual with some of these guidelines:

MRF_HOLIDAY_POSTERPlease Check for more detailed information

Another great option to get rid of boxes AND clothes you don’t want is to pack up what you want to give away, go to and print out a prepaid shipping label, and then ship the box to a charity.

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees can be brought to the Amherst Transfer Station even if you don’t have a sticker, and disposed of for free. Make sure you remove all decorations first.

Amherst Trucking and Duseau Trucking customers should put out their Christmas trees for collection (to go to a goat farm) on January 12th by 7 am. Duseau customers, please call by January 9th to let them know you’ll be putting your tree out. Alternative Recycling customers should call by January 4th to have their trees collected on January 11th.

Thank you for making it an environmentally friendly holiday season!

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