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Food Regulatory


Opening a new food establishment is exciting! The Amherst Public Health Department has developed a guide to help new restaurateurs navigate the process involved. To save time, most of these steps should be completed simultaneously.
View: New Food Establishment Guide (pdf)

In January 2009, Governor Patrick signed the new Food Allergy Awareness Act effective October 1, 2010 in Massachusetts. The purpose of the Act is to enhance industry and consumer awareness of major food allergens, aiming to prevent unintended illness and/or death of the approximately 4% of the population whom have food allergies. All food establishments licensed under M.G.L. C 140 S 6 as an innholder or common victualler are required to comply with the Act. You can follow the links provided to a copy of the amendments to State Sanitary Code Chapter X effective June 9, 2010; as well as information intended to help in understanding the new requirements of the amended code provided by the Amherst Health Department.

Amendments to the State Sanitary Code Chapter X (pdf)
Additional Requirement Information (pdf)

The Food Allergen Awareness Act requires posters to be displayed in the employee work area which include: major food allergens; health risks of food allergies; procedure to follow when a customer states he/she has a food allergy; emergency procedure to follow if a customer has an allergic reaction to a food. The following posters are available to print and display: 
Food Allergen Awareness poster in English (pdf)
Food Allergen Awareness poster in Spanish (pdf)

The Food Allergen Awareness Act requires food establishments to have a certified food protection manager who has been issued a Massachusetts certificate of allergen awareness training by a recognized allergen awareness training verification program. The certificate will be available for five (5) years.
Food Allergen Awareness Training Video   Please note: the training video is accessible here: however, in order to receive a certification, participation in a recognized allergen awareness training verification program is required.