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Zoning Bylaw
Purchasing Information
The Zoning Bylaw and Map are available for purchase at the Central Services counter on the 1st Floor of Town Hall.

                      ~Zoning Bylaw: $10.00~     ~Zoning Map: $5.00~     ~Zoning Bylaw & Zoning Map: $12.50~

Zoning Map
Most recently amended June 2014
   Available online as an Interactive Map 
                                    or as a 
                                    downloadable Townwide Map (PDF)

Zoning Bylaw 
Amended through May 2014  
    View as one file NEW! Zoning Bylaw (PDF)  
    View individual articles below:
    Cover  (PDF) 
    Table of Contents  (PDF) 
    Article 1: Purpose (PDF) 
    Article 2: Zoning Districts (PDF) 
    Article 3: Use Regulations (PDF) 
        Chart: Use Classification and Standards (PDF) 
    Article 4: Development Methods (PDF) 
    Article 5: Accessory Uses (PDF) 
    Article 6: Dimensional Regulations (PDF) 
        Table 3: Dimensional Regulations (PDF) 
    Article 7: Parking Regulations (PDF) 
    Article 8: Sign Regulations (PDF) 
    Article 9: Non-conforming Lots, Uses, and Structures (PDF) 
    Article 10: Special Permit Granting Authority (PDF) 
    Article 11: Administration and Enforcement (PDF) 
    Article 12: Definitions (PDF) 
    Article 13: Demolition Delay (PDF) 
    Article 14: Reserved (PDF) 
    Article 15: Inclusionary Zoning (PDF)
    Index (PDF)

Town Meeting Zoning "Primer" - To view the "Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Zoning But Were Afraid to Ask" document prepared for Town Meeting members, click here.

Land Development Brochure - This document is intended to provide a brief overview of, and links to, the various permit applications, rules & regulations, and fees administered by the Office of Conservation and Development. To view it, click here.

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