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Permits and Licenses

All Applications for licenses and permits must includeTax Attestation Form and Workers' Compensation Insurance Affidavit

Building Permits, Applications and Forms    
Rental Property Permit Information
Inspection Services Permit Applications
Business Permits, Applications and Forms    
      Auction Application
      Auto Dealer Application
      Certified Abutters List Request
      Coin Op License Application
      Common Victualler License Application 
      Fuel Storage Application
      Innholder License Application    
      Hawkers & Peddlers License Application
          Amherst Hawkers & Peddlers Regulations
          Hawkers & Peddlers License Information
      Keg License Application and Regulations 
      Kendrick Park Application
      Live Entertainment License Application  
      Lunch Cart License Application  
      Parade (Town Way) Permit Application  
      Second-Hand Sales License Application  
     * Special One-Day All Alcoholic License       
     Special One-Day Wine & Malt License       
      Sweetser Park Reservation Form and Regulations  
      Taxi Business License  
      Taxi Driver License (Taxi Driver License Photo Instructions)
      Town Way Reservation Permit Application        

     License and Permit Fee Schedule

     Liquor License Guidelines

    *Special licensees: CANNOT purchase alcoholic beverages from a package store and 
                                    CANNOT accept donations of alcoholic beverages from anyone. 
    * Special Licensees MUST purchase alcoholic beverages from a licensed supplier. 
                                    List of Authorized Sources of Alcohol for 1-day licenses.

    Liquor License Quota Report (pdf) 

    Lunch Cart Regulations

    Taxi Companies Licensed in Amherst 

    Taxi Regulations adopted 11/05/2012 - effective 01/01/2013 (PDF)