CPA Proposals FY2012

Proposals Recommended to 2011 Annual Town Meeting for FY2012 Funding
All files are in PDF format unless otherwise indicated.
Proposals Submitted for CPA Funding in Fiscal Year 2012
Affordable Housing
Historic Preservation
Details of the Historic Preservation Proposals below are listed in 3 files - an individual file for each proposal (click on the proposal title), Criteria (Cr) and Supporting Documents (SDoc). Page numbers are given for the latter 2 files. Open Space
Open Space / Recreation
  • Previously Obligated Debt Service
    • Hawthorne Property - $62,500 (Year one of 10)
CPAC Administrative Expenses
Schedule of Presentations & Public Hearing
  • Thursday, February 3 - Housing and Recreation Presentations
  • Thursday, February 17 - Open Space and Historic Preservation Presentations
  • Public Hearing - March 17, 2011
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