We welcome your thoughts and ideas about the trees in Amherst.  Please feel free to attend our monthly meetings, join us for one of our plantings or other projects, and consider becoming a member.  Stop by or visit the town's Volunteer page.

If you would like a tree, please fill out the form on the Request a Tree page.

Henry Lappen    Chair                413-549-3722
Alan Snow
         Tree Warden    413-259-3211

Members of the Committee

Name of the Member Year Appointed Term Expires
Gordon Green 2016
Bennett Hazlip 2019 2022
Shoshona King 2019 2021
Henry Lappen, Chair 2010 2021
Sara Lawler 2020 2023
Nonny Burack 2010 2020
Vacancy - 1 n/a n/a