Regional School District Planning Committee

The purpose of the Board is to perform a detailed exploration of and recommendation as to forming a Regional School District for our K-6 school.After a minimum of 6 public meetings, 2 of which are to be open public forums to discuss Amherst specific issues, the RSDPC may choose to join with a corresponding Committee(s) from another town(s) to form a Regional School District Planning Board (the Board).

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Minutes & Agendas
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Town Meeting
Annual Town Meeting, April 30, 2012, Article 1 report, Article 1 followup
Special Town Meeting, November 9, 2011, Article 1 
Article 1 Finance Committee Report 
Article 1 - Letter from Maria Geryk and Irv Rhodes
, including 08-17-11 Murphy, Hesse, Toomey & Lehane, LLP memo

Other Local Documents
4 Town Regional School District Planning
RSDPC Public Forum #2, May 24, 2012
RSDPC Public Forum #1 April 11, 2012
Amherst Leverett Pelham Shutesbury Community Innovation Challenge (CIC) grant application 01-15-12 (unsuccessful)
Pelham Public Form, June 16, 2011
Union 26 Agreement Mirick O'Connell memo 06-02-10 & Amherst School Committee Minutes of June 11, 2010 discussion
Four Towns Regionalization Committee Report, June 2010
Current Regional Agreement
Acts and resolves passed by the General Court - Pages 222, 223, Amherst & Pelham Union, 1901

DESE Regional School District Organization Resources
Special Commission on School District Collaboration & Regionalization, Report to the Legislature, August 2011
pgs 14-18 Excerpt-Capacity Assessment Tool
Regional Planning Study Results Summary, updated August 25, 2010
School district consolidation in Massachusetts: Opportunities and obstacles, DESE Carleton/Lynch/O'Donnell, Nov 2009
MARS Central Office Capacity in Regional Districts, Nov 2009
DLS Enhanced Regionalization & Merger Analysis: Towns of Hamilton & Wenham, June 2009
MASS Small & Rural Schools Task Force, Nick Young @Rennie, May 29, 2009   (Full report, September 2008)
School District Consolidation in Massachusetts: Opportunities and Challenges, Rennie Center, May 29, 2009
School District Consolidation and Regionalization in Massachusetts E-forum, Rennie Center, January 2009
Learning from Local Stakeholders, Donald Kennedy, NESDEC @Rennie, September 24, 2008
School District Consolidation in Massachusetts: Opportunities and Challenges, Rennie Center, September 24, 2008

Members Year Appointed Term Expiration
Katherine Appy (SC), Chair
2012 2014
Alisa Brewer (SB)
2012 2014
Andrew Steinberg (FC)
2012 2014