Sustainability stuff for teens is an online group where you can become a member and exchange ideas with other people under 25 years old working to improve the world around them. One thing they do is to give young people money to work on their projects or to help them pay for school. Check out this link for environmentally related projects and ideas.
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Earth Force
Earth Force enables middle and high school students to take on leadership roles in solving local environmental problems through in-school programs that you can urge your teachers to check out.
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Canon Envirothon
Canon Envirothon hosts North America’s largest high school environmental education competition each year at a different university. Past locations have been in North Carolina, California, and New Brunswick, Canada. The Massachusetts branch runs a statewide competition, and the winners go on to the Canon North America Envirothon.
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Coastal Studies for Girls
Coastal Studies for Girls offers a program where 10th grade girls can live and learn in Freeport, Maine for a semester while they experience a unique and rigorous coastal environmental education mixed with Leadership and Core courses. They also offer summer programs for rising 6th-9th grade girls, adult women, and educators.
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The Environmental Protection Agency - Student Resources
Did you know there's an environmental information resources page for students hosted by the Environmental Protection Agency - EPA? Find out what other middle and high school students are doing to make our way of living more sustainable, science project ideas, homework resources, links to community service project sites and more.
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