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Welcome to the Town of Amherst's website where you can read all about what's going on with sustainability in your hometown. But what is sustainability?

Some kids have said that sustainability is:
  • "Sharing what we have with others and not taking more than our share"
  • "Making the world a better place for the future"
  • "Something that lasts for a long time - maybe forever"*
A grownup explained it like this" "Leave the world better than you found it, take no more than you need, try not to harm life of the environment, make amends if you do."*

Here are some websites you can visit for activities, games, and information for kids about sustainability. Click the pictures or underlined links to explore. Have fun!

The GREENS The Greens
Meet the GREENS, created in Massachusetts, is a site with an animated cast of characters including a couple of kids who do their best to look out for the planet. Visit the site for animated videos, games, and other fun interactive stuff!

EnergyStar Kids EnergyStar Kids
EnergyStar Kids is a fun place to get facts about the energy we use to run all sorts of machines in our lives, what energy has to do with the environment, plus lots of things kids can do to improve the world around us!

U.S. EIA Energy Kids Energy Kids
Energy Kids is a page offered by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (the EIA) where kids can continue learning about different types of energy, how to save energy, and it has games and activities you can play with!

Coloring Book
Enjoy filling in the pages of this printable coloring book from the Department of Energy! The book comes
in English and Spanish versions.

EPA for Students
Check out the Environmental Protection Agency’s student’s guide to global climate change. The EPA is a government agency in charge of protecting the environment. This website will help you learn about the experts’ view on global climate change and what you can do about it. It has videos, lots of interesting information, and interactive activities!

Climate Kids
NASA isn't only interested in what's going on in outer space, they study what's happening on earth, too! Climate Kids: NASA's Eyes on the Earth is their site for kids to get more expert info about the climate and what we can all do to help our planet. They also have games and fun ideas for activities!

Planetpals has a great collection of earth-friendly craft projects and more!

Water Use It Wisely Water Use It Wisely
Conserving water is another way we can all help our environment. Check out some water wisdom and games from Water Use It Wisely!

Tree Musketeers Tree Musketeers
The Tree Musketeers started with a tree a California Brownie Girl Scout troop planted 25 years ago, and became an international campaign of kids planting trees to improve the environment. You can get involved with their Partners for the Planet program, and can even start your own tree planting club!

Write It! Write it!
Want to write to your politicians about an issue you care about, but not sure how to do it? Visit this Write It site for help.

Zoom! Conservation Guide 
Check out this Conservation Guide from the PBS show, Zoom! It has good information, fun ideas, and cool projects!

*(Sources for quotes:; Hawken, 1994)
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