About the WiFi Project


Go-Live for the Downtown WiFi Network: January 1, 2013

News Coverage & Recognition
History of the Downtown Amherst WiFi
In 2007 the IT Department partnered with the UMass Amherst OIT Department to deploy a downtown WiFi network. The project was funded by a grant through DARPA and the National Science Foundation and went on to be one of the largest WiFi networks in Massachusetts. The $150,000 investment in 2007 was entirely funded through this partnership.

37 In-House Installed Access Points
The Town of Amherst installed 30 custom access points in Downtown Amherst. The access points communicate with each other in a mesh configuration and connect clients to the internet through centralized controllers. The access points are installed on street lights and buildings.

Sometimes technology can be an eyesore
We took extra care in trying to hide access points and blend the access points into their surroundings through a simple design and painting them to match the decorative street lights. The simple design we came up with looks better aescetically than the leading brands of outdoor wireless access points.

WAP Spring Street
- 1 Mile Long
- 37 Wireless Mesh Access Points
- Fiber-Optic Backbone
- Wireless b/g/n
- Burst Speeds Up To 80Mbps
- Installed In-House
- Contiguous Coverage
- Free To Use