Important User Info


Harness Built-in Security Tools
Keep your operating system and applications up-to-date. Mac OS X and Windows have built-in security features that you should take advantage of. Enable your firewall.

Look for the padlock. Websites that use HTTPS encrypt your activity, so anything you do on that site is confidential, regardless of how you are connecting to the internet. Look for a padlock in the address bar, or simply check the URL for https://. Never do any banking, online shopping, or other activities that would expose your private information unless it's a secure website (https website with padlock).

Connection Tips
The coverage map and coverage is depicting outdoor speeds. WiFi does not like walls and coverage within private buildings will very greatly. All public Town owned buildings have complete WiFi coverage. If you live or work in the downtown area the closer you are to a window the better the chance you will be able connect to the WiFi network at faster speeds. Some people have purchased a USB WiFi adapter and a USB extension cable and hung their WiFi adapter in a window.

What if I have problems connecting to this service? For liability and cost reasons Town staff are strictly prohibited from handling or troubleshooting users' personal computers. Complete the Public WiFi Form to report and issue or make a suggestion.