Permanently Disabled & Specially Qualified Voters

Permanently Disabled Voters
A voter who is permanently disabled need not submit a request for an absentee ballot every election.

If such a voter submits a note from a registered physician indicating that they are disabled permanently, the Town Clerk will send the voter an application for an absentee ballot at the beginning of each year.

Upon receipt of the signed application, the Town Clerk will send the voter an absentee ballot prior to each election.
Specially Qualified Voters
In addition to registered voters, certain Specially Qualified Voters may vote by absentee ballot.

A Specially Qualified Voter is a person who is:
  • A Massachusetts citizen living outside of the United States, at least 18 years old and whose last residence in the United States was Massachusetts
You also may be a Specially Qualified Voter if you are otherwise eligible to be a registered voter, and your present domicile (a place where you live and plan to remain) is Massachusetts, and you meet one of the following conditions:
  • Out of Town because you are in the active service of the armed forces or merchant marine of the United States, or a spouse or dependent of such a person
  • Absent from the Commonwealth
  • Confined in a correctional facility or jail, except if by reason of felony conviction