Mill Street Bridge Replacement

Mill Street Bridge Replacement - Updated November 20, 2017
The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) is designing a new bridge at this time.  The bridge will be one lane with a multi use path. 
This project is currently being advertised for BIDs, which will be opened by MassDOT in early December. 

MassDOT Design Process

The MassDOT 25% plans
                       Elevation of Bridge
                       Cross Section of Bridge
                       Cross Section of Road & Wall
Comments on this project can be sent to MassDOT (See here for more information)


Town of Amherst Design Process

Conceptual Design - 
Mill Street at Puffers Pond Bridge Replacement Options

                                        Existing Conditions
                                        33 Ft Wide Two Lane
                                        24 Ft Wide One Traffic Lane With Bike and Pedestrian Sidewalk
                                        Bridge Plan Alternative 3 
                                        Bridge Plan Alternative 5
Amherst to determine future of 'unsafe' Mill River bridge near Puffer’s Pond dam-Article 10/21/13 

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