Mill Street Bridge Replacement

Mill Street Bridge Replacement - Updated May 17, 2018
The Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) has awarded the contract to replace this bridge to E.T. & L. Corp, of Stow, MA.  E.T. & L. will begin mobilizing onto the site the week of May 21st, 2018.

During construction access to the Julius Lester Trail from Mill Street will be restricted.

MassDOT Design Process

The MassDOT 25% plans
                       Elevation of Bridge
                       Cross Section of Bridge
                       Cross Section of Road & Wall
Comments on this project can be sent to MassDOT (See here for more information)


Town of Amherst Design Process

Conceptual Design - 
Mill Street at Puffers Pond Bridge Replacement Options

                                        Existing Conditions
                                        33 Ft Wide Two Lane
                                        24 Ft Wide One Traffic Lane With Bike and Pedestrian Sidewalk
                                        Bridge Plan Alternative 3 
                                        Bridge Plan Alternative 5
Amherst to determine future of 'unsafe' Mill River bridge near Puffer’s Pond dam-Article 10/21/13 

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