Archived Finance Committee

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Overview - 

The bylaws of the Town of Amherst require the Finance Committee "to investigate all proposals in the articles of the warrant for any town meeting that shall in any way affect the finances of the town and to recommend to the town... a course of action thereon, and in general to make recommendations to the town in regard to any financial business of the town."


*Appointed by the Moderator: 7 members / 3 year terms
Name Year Appointed Term Expiration
Marylou Theilman, Chair 2008 2020
Joseph Jayne 2016 2019
Bernie Kubiak 2014 2020
Tim Neale 2015 2018
Sharon Povinelli 2017 2020
Janice Ratner, Vice Chair 2011 2019
Anuraq Sharma 2011 2018