What's Your Number? ($7 Fee)

This is a program, for the benefit of Amherst emergency personnel and residents themselves, to make a resident’s house number visible from the street. This program has evolved to include many communities in Western Massachusetts.

Amherst Emergency dispatchers, via E-9-1-1, have your address on a display screen when you telephone 9-1-1; however, valuable time is lost if emergency responder crews can’t determine which house on the street is yours. Large, easily visible street numbers that can be viewed from either direction help police, fire, and ambulance responders locate your house. Remember that in an emergency, every second counts, and minutes can save lives and property.

The Amherst SALT Council, together with the Amherst Fire and Police Departments, are installing upon application a 2-sided sign that displays 4-inch highly reflective numbers attached to a 5-foot high metal stake, which will be installed near your driveway/walkway, where it will be visible from the street. There is a nominal charge ($7) to help cover expenses and keep the program going. Additional voluntary contributions are greatly appreciated.

To subscribe to have a Number installed, please contact Margaret Coty, member of the Amherst SALT Council at 413-253-5832.