Cable Advisory Committee

Committee Overview
The committee is charged with the responsibility to provide advice and assistance in the negotiations for and compliance with the cable television license agreement for cable television service under the framework set forth by federal and state law.  

The Committee shall review the cable operator’s performance under the current license and determine the needs and interests of the community. The Committee shall complete this ascertainment process at least twelve months prior to the current license expiration date. The Committee will utilize the results of the ascertainment process in review of any cable operator’s proposal for a license agreement.  

Upon receipt of proposals, the Committee shall commence proceedings and act as the negotiating authority to consider: 1) if the operator has complied with the terms of the existing franchise and with applicable law; 2) the quality of the cable operator’s service, including signal quality, response to consumer complaints, and billing practices; and 3) that the cable operator has the legal, financial and technical ability to provide the services, facilities and equipment necessary to meet the future cable-related community needs and interests, taking into account the costs of those needs.  

Upon the approval of the Town Manager, all proposals and tentative agreements will be presented in the form of a negotiated contract to the Select Board for its final approval.

Committee Membership

*Appointed by the Town Manager: 5 members/ 3-year terms
Name Year Appointed Term Expiration
Demetria Shabazz, Chair 2015 2018
Joan Golowich 2015 2018
Alan Sax 2015 2018
Adrienne Terrizzi 2015 2018
Sharon Vardatira 2015 2018