Amherst Affordable Housing Trust Fund

The Trust's mission, as an instrument of town government, is to promote the town's affordable housing priorities as determined through the most recent town housing plan, particularly to create safe, decent, and affordable housing for our most vulnerable populations. 


1) Exploring opportunities for affordable housing development at the East St. School property. Currently waiting for assessment of wetlands and groundwater at the site to determine feasibility of building.

2) Developing a Town Housing Policy to set affordable housing as a common goal shared by the entire town government. 

3) Supporting a proposal for an Inclusionary Zoning Policy change that will allow more affordable units in future developments where a special permit is requested. 

4) Homelessness Prevention Program. The Housing Trust encouraged development of this program. Family Outreach of Amherst successfully applied for CDBG funds to support it. 

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Committee Member Year Appointed Term Expires
John Hornik, Chair 2016 2018
Tom Kegelman, HSC Member 2015 2019
Douglas Slaughter, SB Member  2016 2018
Greg Stutsman 2016 2018
Sidonio Ferreira 2017 2020
Jay Levy 2017 2020
Laura Quinn 2017 2020
Nancy Schroeder 2017 2020
Vacancy   2019


MassHousing Planning for Housing Production (HPP) Application 
A grant application to MassHousing to support Trust initiatives such as a feasibility analyses for parcels that could be acquired by the Trust, a public education and discussion forum, and to bring on a 40R consultant to work with the Town. 

Housing Trust Strategic Plan FY18-22 
Produced with assistance of consultant Jennifer Goldson this plan outlines 5-year goals for the Trust to pursue including: to foster development of affordable housing, support homelessness prevention initiatives, and to expland availability of direct housing assistance. 

Working the Amherst Housing Puzzle: A Community Problem Solving Forum 
About 60 people attended this forum to discuess the challenges faced by the Town in trying to increase its stock and diversity of affordable housing. 

Comprehensive Housing Market Study 
This study had 3 overarching goals:
  • to identify populations excluded from Amherst because of housing affordability
  • to understand the impacts on the housing market from student housing needs
  • to review existing land use regulations which hinder development of market-rate housing
UMass/Town of Amherst Housing and Economic Development Plan 
The Town Gown Steering Committee engaged consultants to prepare a housing and economic development plan. The scope of the work was to recommend interventions for UMass and Amherst to pursue in order to create a stable balance in housing and economic growth, allowing both the University and Town to prosper. 

Amherst Housing Production Plan (HPP) 
The HPP is a study which examines the specific impacts of demographic changes, particularly shifts in student population, relative to the dynamics of the housing market conditions in order to determine the current and future housing needs of the community. 

Chapter 4 (Housing and Demographics) of the Town’s Master Plan 
Prepared by the Town, this Master Plan provides a blueprint for the future, guiding the community's long-term development. The Housing Plan offers an overarching goal to increase access to housing that is affordable to and meets the physical needs of the broadest spectrum of the community, and minimizes environmental impact.