CPA Proposals FY2017

Agenda for Public Hearing and List of Proposals.

Proposals Submitted to CPA Committee Seeking Recommendation for FY 2017 Funding

  • Estimated Funds available for new projects + debt service – $2,092,101 (as of April 8, 2016) 
  • Total Funds Recommended for Town Meeting Approval – $2,086,770
  • Previously Obligated Debt Service FY17 Total - $313,354
  • New Requests Recommended for FY17 funding – $1,773,416
  • Estimated CPA Fund Balance – $5,331
FY 2017 Proposals & Related Documents 

All files are in PDF format unless otherwise indicated.

New Requests

New Affordable Housing Requests – $492,248
Housing & Sheltering Committee CPA Project Priorities 
$ 150,000 ACC Housing Stabilization Program ($251,457 requested)
                      Response to CPA Com. Questions
                      ACC Response on Housing Preservation and Stabilization Trust Fund, etc.
$   25,000 Municipal Affordable Housing Trust Capitalization ($150,000 requested)
                      Response to CPA Com. Questions
                      Interfaith Housing Letter
                      Mass. Housing Partnership Letter
$  90,000 Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity Duplex – North Pleasant Street ($100,000requested)
                      Response to CPA Com. Questions
                      AHA Support Letter 2016-01-19
                      PVHH CPA Presentation 2016-01-26
                      PVHH_Presentation_to_CPAC_Slides_2015-01-26 - McDonough
$  227,248 First Time Homebuyer/Mortgage Subsidy Assistance
                      Response to CPA Com. Questions
                      Amherst Housing Authority Support Letter for Valley CDC February 2016

New Historical Preservation Requests – $434,500
Historical Commission CPA Project Priorities
Response to CPA Com. Questions about FY16 North Common Proposal

$ 190,000 Dickinson Museum Evergreens Fire Suppression System ($190,000 requested)
                      Response to CPA Com. Questions
$   24,500 Amherst Historical Society Proposal
                      Amherst Historical Society and Museum CPA Request FY17
                      AHM CPA17 Dendrochronology Study Proposal
                      AHM CPA17 Fee Agreement
                      AHM CPA17 Preservation Recommendations
                      Amherst History Museum Responses Jan. 2016
$     5,000 North Prospect-Lincoln-Sunset Historical District Consultant
                      Response to CPA Com. Questions
$ 200,000 First Congregational Church Fire Sprinkler System ($357,647 requested)
                      Response to CPA Com. Questions
                      Congregational Church - 10 Questions 2016-2-22
$     5,000 Historical Commission Thompson Memorial Stone
                      Response to CPA Com. Questions
                      Thompson Memorial Stone - Additional Materials - Tucker
                      Town Counsel's Opinion re CPA-eligibility of the Thompson Memorial Stone
$    10,000 CPA FY17 Historic Commission Due Diligence Request, rec'd 1/28/2016 
                      Historic Commission Due Diligence Spending 2010 to present - Tucker

New Open Space Requests – $168,168
Open Space Presentation - Ziomek
                  CPAC Open Space Letter 2016 Recommendations - Conservation Commission
 $   15,000 Appraisals, Surveys and Related Studies (reduced from $30,000 by applicant)
                      Response to CPA Com. Questions
$   68,500 Hoerle Farm APR (908 South East Street)
                      Response to CPA Com. Questions
$   84,668 Protection of the Cushman Brook – Stosz & Stowes Properties

New Recreation Requests – $550,000
$ 550,000 Modernization of Groff Park Spray Park, Pavilion, Playground ($600,000 requested)
                      Response to CPA Com. Questions
                      Groff Park Letter - Tina Acker

New CPAC Administrative Expenses – $3,500
$    3,500 Community Preservation Coalition Dues

Affordable Housing Reserves – $125,000 
$ for future CPA projects

Withdrawn Proposal
$    10,000 CPA Proposal for Historical Archive of the Little Red Schoolhouse
                      Proposal Estimates Amherst School House Archive 01-04-16

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