TMCC Policies & Procedures

Committee Elections
The members shall hold office for 2 years. 4 members shall be elected in even-numbered years and 3 in odd-numbered years. Nominations to the Committee shall be made in writing and delivered to the Town Clerk, with the consent of the nominee recorded on the nomination paper. Nominations shall be accepted at a session of each Annual Town Meeting, to be determined by the Moderator, after consultation with the Town Clerk or at the Town Clerk's Office prior to that session.

The Town Clerk shall prepare a ballot of those nominated, which shall then be presented to each Town Meeting Member at a subsequent session of the Annual Town Meeting to be determined by the Moderator after consultation with the Town Clerk. Each Town Meeting member shall cast a number of votes less than or equal to the number of seats available.

Term of Office
Committee members' terms shall begin upon the dissolution of the Town Meeting at which they were elected and expire upon the dissolution of the Annual Town Meeting of the second year following their election. Members shall be sworn in by the Town Clerk.

Termination of Membership
Membership on the Committee shall terminate when the member submits a letter of resignation to the Town Clerk or ceases to be a Town Meeting member.

Committee Vacancies
When a position on the Committee becomes vacant for any reason other than expiration of a term, the Moderator shall appoint, from among those unelected candidates of the most recent Committee election who are still Town Meeting members and still willing to serve, the candidate who received the highest number of votes in said election, ties to be resolved by a coin toss. If no unsuccessful candidate from the most recent election meets these qualifications, the Moderator shall appoint a Committee member from among the current Town Meeting members. Appointed Committee members shall serve the remainder of the uncompleted term.

Upon dissolution of each Annual Town Meeting, the Committee shall elect from their membership a chairperson, vice-chairperson, a clerk, and a stacker, to serve until the dissolution of the next Annual Town Meeting.

The Committee may, from time to time, constitute a subcommittee as it deems appropriate. Subcommittees may include Town Meeting members who are not members of the Coordinating Committee. Each subcommittee shall be chaired by a member of the Coordinating Committee and appointed by the Chair of the Coordinating Committee.

The Committee shall keep minutes of its proceedings and shall file these minutes with the Town Clerk. The proceedings of the subcommittees shall be rendered as reports to be included in the Committee's minutes.