Historical Commission


Created in October 1972 by Amherst Town Meeting, the Historical Commission is charged under local and state law with “the preservation, protection, and development of the historical and archeological resources of the Town.”  The Commission is responsible for implementing the Amherst Preservation Plan for the entire community and the West Cemetery Preservation Plan for Amherst’s oldest burying ground.

The Commission maintains and updates an inventory of historic properties and sites in Amherst, available for review in the Planning Department office and at Special Collections at the Jones Library. The Commission develops nominations for the listing of historic districts and individual properties on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Commission undertakes a wide variety of historic preservation projects, including the preservation and restoration of Amherst’s historic public cemeteries, Amherst's three historic commons and several historic parks, public buildings, and sites. The Commission works with other Town boards/committees and community historic preservation groups, interested citizens, and Town staff on such projects.


Click here to download (3.85 MB) the 1894 revised edition of the Handbook of Amherst, Massachusetts, prepared and published by Frederick H. Hitchcock.


*Appointed by Town Manager: 7 members / 3-year terms
Members Year Appointed Term Expiration
Patricia J. Auth  2018 2019
Robin Fordham 2018 2019
Jan Marquardt 2015 2020
Ted Parker 2016 2019
Jane Wald, Chair 2015 2018