Conservation Commission

  1. Overview
  2. Wetlands Bylaw & Regulations
  3. Application Forms
  4. Application Fees
  5. Current Wetland Filings 


The Conservation Commission is a seven-member board appointed by the Town Manager and charged with ensuring the protection of the Town's natural resources and conservation areas. The Commission is responsible for administering and enforcing both the state Wetlands Protection Act and the Town of Amherst Wetlands Protection Bylaw which involves reviewing and permitting projects within and near wetlands. The Commission also works closely with the Conservation Department on management of conservation land, including over 80 miles of trails, and establishing environmental policy such as updating the Open Space and Recreation Plan.

Committee Members 

Members are appointed by the Town Manager: 7 members / 3-year terms.
Committee Member Name Year Appointed  Term Expires 
Briony Angus, Chair 2008 2018
Harvey Allen 2006 2018
Robert Brooks 2013 2019
Brett Butler 2014 2018
Fletcher Clark 2014 2020
Jenn Fair 2018 2020