About the Amherst Police Department


The Amherst Police Department has a full-time compliment of 47 sworn police officers that serve the Town of Amherst with coverage 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. We are a professional, progressive organization committed to philosophy of problem oriented policing. Our greatest asset are the sworn and civilian members of this Department, who prove each day that they are committed to providing quality services to Amherst. We welcome feedback and suggestions from the community, as we always strive to improve our services.

Mission Statement of the Amherst Police Department

The Amherst Police Department values the dedication and integrity of each member of our department. We value the diversity of our community and are grateful for the confidence they have in us. We strive to protect the safety, rights and property of every person within the town of Amherst. We are committed to the enforcement of laws, preservation of order and improving the quality of life within our community. We do so in partnership with our community while holding ourselves to the highest professional and ethical standards.


View the Amherst Police Department Staff Directory for listings of divisions and employees.
You may also view our 2016 Organizational Chart.

Statistics from Fiscal Year 2016


Calls Dispatched 15,672
# of Officers Responding to all calls 24,309
Persons Detained (including arrests)  514
Motor Vehicle Accidents Reported  744
Vehicle Citations  1,963
Budget $4,549,604
Staff (including 47 police officers and 2 administration/support staff)  49