Detective Bureau

Detective Assignments
Detectives assigned to this unit conduct various types of investigations ranging from misdemeanor crimes to serious felonies. Casework is generated by a combination of response to assist patrol officers, self generated investigations, and referrals from the Northwest District Attorney’s office and other agencies. Detectives also work closely as the liaison to other law enforcement agencies to include the Massachusetts State Police, surrounding local Police Departments, University of Massachusetts Police, and the various Federal agencies.

Specialized Training

Detectives complete extensive specialized training that assists them in evidence identification and seizure, crime scene search techniques, interview techniques, and victimology. Detectives gather information looking toward the solvability of casework, applications for arrest and search warrants, and referrals to other agencies. Detectives also conduct background investigations for employment and maintain the Department’s data base for fingerprints and certain crime scene photography.

Sexual Assault / Domestic Assault

The Detective Bureau also acts as point of contact for the media. Sexual Assault / Domestic Assault investigations are frequent referrals to the Detective Bureau. All Detectives have received specialized training in the investigations of these crimes. The Detective Bureau is the point of contact for the Northwest District Attorney’s Child Abuse Unit, the Department of Social Services, and the International Child Advocacy Program. Detectives have received training in Internet crimes against children and maintain a proactive program identifying online predators. The Detective Bureau is the point of contact for the Sex Offender Registry Board and maintains an in-house database of current offenders living within the community.


Narcotics violations are investigated by Detectives who are actively involved with the Franklin/Hampshire County Drug Task Force. This unit is comprised of several officers from the Local and State Police who work on investigations involving the illegal distribution of narcotics. Assaults and other crimes against people are investigated by personnel assigned to the Detective Bureau. Detectives have received specialized training in the identification and preservation of blood and other biological evidence, fingerprint and other trace evidence, and suspect identification techniques. The officers assigned work closely with personnel from the Massachusetts State Police Crime Laboratory.


Most juvenile issues and crimes are handled within the Detective Bureau. A Detective acts as the liaison to the school department, the Department of Youth Services, and the Juvenile Courts. The Court Liaison Detective is assigned to work with the Northwest District Attorney’s Office in handling all magistrate hearings, traffic related cases, town by-law violations, and the disposition of criminal cases.

Command Staff of the Amherst Police Department Detective Bureau.

Lieutenant William Menard, Officer in Charge of Detective Bureau

Lieutenant Menard has been a member of the Amherst Police Department since 1994. He was assigned to the Detective Bureau in 2000 and upon his promotion to Sergeant in 2003 he returned to the Patrol Division. In 2008 Menard became the supervising Sergeant in the Detective Bureau. Until his promotion to Lieutenant in 2010.  In 2016 Lieutenant Menard returned to the Detective Bureau as the Officer in Charge.
Lieutenant Menard can be reached at 413-259-3167 or via email.