Dog Park Task Force


The Dog Park Task Force is no longer active, this page serves as an archive of their resources and work. The charge of the Dog Park Task Force was to shepherd the process of establishing one or more dog parks in Amherst and make recommendations to the Town Manager based on the findings of the Task Force.

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Dog Park Task Force Members

  Nina Allen (non-voting)
  Mike Chesworth (Secretary)
  Ana Devlin Gauthier
  Ted Diamond (Vice Chair)
  Gina Fusco
  Jack Jemsek
  Ellen Keiter
  Carol Hepburn (Animal Welfare Officer)
  David Ziomek (Director of Conservation and Development)


  1: Site Location (Ana, Kaye, Gina, Jack, Ellen, Jim, David)
  2: Design (Mike, Ana, Ted, Gina, Jim, Carol, David)
  3: Funding (Nina, Ted, Kaye, Ellen, Jim, David)
  4: Rules & Regulations (Nina, Ted, Gina, Jack, Jim, Carol)
  5: Sustainability (Mike, Ana, Jim, Carol)

Task Force Documents
    Task Force report to November 6 2017 STM
     Stanton Foundation Design Grant Application
     July 31 2018 Cost Estimate
     October 5 2018 Conceptual Master Plan
     Construction Bid March 2020
     Construction Bid Drawings March 2020
    REVised layout Plan August 31, 2021

Amherst Dog Park Links
    Amherst Dog Park Web Page
    Where will the park be located?


     Stanton Foundation Dog Park Grants
     AKC Establishing a Dog Park brochure 
     Spreadsheet with info on other Western Mass Dog Parks
     UC Davis Dog Park Guidelines
     Ann Arbor Dog Park Guidelines
     Kansas City Dog Park Report
     Feasibility Study: Anaerobic Digestion and Other Alternatives for Dog Waste

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