Brochure Archive

Leisure Services has been a part of Amherst for over 50 years. In that time, our department has gone through a great number of changes - just as the Town of Amherst and its residents have.

While cleaning out our backroom we came across stacks and stacks of brochures of yesteryear. We were amazed at how distinct each brochure was and how the design of the covers seemingly evolved over time. The cover art on each brochure is an embodiment of its time and the type of community Amherst was at that particular snapshot in history. They were so interesting that we thought it would be a loss not to share it with the public.

We invite you to browse through our archive below and hope you find the designs as interesting as we do!
  1. '70 - '79
  2. '80 - '89
  3. '90 - '99
  4. '00 - '09
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