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This Committee is not currently active, this is an archival page.

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September 17, 2019

Presentation (pdf, video) of feasibility study to joint meeting of the School Committee and Town Council.

May 2019

Independent cost estimate conducted and reconciled.

March 2019

Second community engagement meeting held.

Development of independent cost estimate procurement.

Cost estimates for design alternatives developed.

February 2019

First community engagement meeting held.

Survey and geotechnical reports received.

January 2019

Revision of cost estimates received.

Geotechnical evaluation performed.

December 2018

Initial cost estimates received.

October-November 2018

Initial options development considering enrollment figures, educational plans, HVAC options, and zero energy design.

Solicitation of geotechnical evaluation.

September 2018

TSKP works with the Committee and School authorities to understand current conditions and programming needs.

August 2018

TSKP Studios begins work on feasibility study.

Indoor air quality report is made.  No major issues found at Fort River.

July 2018

TSKP Studios is selected as designer for the feasibility study.

Solicitation of site survey.

June 2018

Designer evaluation, selection, and contract negotiation.

May 2018

Qualifications from interested designers due.

April 2018

Performance of indoor air quality testing.

Final drafting of RFQ for feasibility study designer.

March 2018

Continued drafting of indoor air quality testing solicitation and RFQ for feasibility study designer.

February 2018

Drafting of indoor air quality testing solicitation.

Drafting of RFQ for feasibility study designer.

January 2018

Decisions made on use of OPM and MSBA procedures.

December 2017

Working groups established.

November 30, 2017

First meeting of the Fort River School Building Committee held.

October 17, 2017

Building Committee formed by School Committee.