Town Meeting Advisory Committee

This Committee is not currently active. This is an archival page.  

Duties of the Committee. It shall be the duty of this committee to investigate how the Town Meeting warrant articles would affect the Town if passed, excepting the Town finances, which are reserved for the Finance Committee. The TMAC shall analyze the benefits and impacts to the Town of warrant articles and shall report its findings to Town Meeting. The principal focus of its report shall be on the analysis of pros and cons that it identifies.

Member Year Elected  
Toni Cunningham 2018  
Margaret Gage 2018  
Hilda Greenbaum 2018  
Christopher Hoch 2018  
Maria Kopicki 2018  
Jacqueline Maidana 2018  
Janet McGowan 2018  
Vincent O'Connor 2018  
Krista Osterling Rising 2018  

Documents from Fall Special Town Meeting November 8, 2017 Session about Article 13 Town Meeting Advisory Committee (TMAC):
Information for Article 13 - General Bylaw Town Meeting Advisory Committee – SPP & Hornik
Results: See pages 10-11.
Electronic Voting Results PDF | Excel

Election to TMAC was held at Town Meeting on May 14, 2018.
TMAC Election Results
Town Meeting Advisory Committee Nomination Form - 2018
TMAC Candidate Statements

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