Prime Time Afterschool Program

Due to overwhelming Registration requests, we are pausing registration. please call our office to be added to our waitlist - 413-259-3065

Welcome Primetime Families!                                                                                       August 16, 2022

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We hope everyone had a wonderful and safe summer. We missed every single one of our students and their families. We are also eager to meet our new students (and families) who will be attending Primetime for the first time. 

We are working hard to recruit and hire qualified staff so we can soon be able to accommodate more families for their after-school child care needs. In order to meet our licensing requirements, we are temporarily limiting the number of students in our care. We hope to hire staff as quickly as possible while maintaining the quality of care we have always provided.  

Our program will open on Tuesday, September 6 instead of the first day of school which is Thursday, August 25.


    Please complete and/or update all student paperwork in ePACT by 9/2/2022. It’s crucial that the information is accurate, so please take a moment and review all of your child’s info especially if they attended PT last year. Everyday we check with the school regarding the whereabouts of our missing pupils and we need to make sure we have the correct days of attending.

    Please notify all parties about any changes in your child’s schedule for e.g., if you switched day(s) of your child attending Primetime (from M only to W only) please communicate the changes with Grace the program director, Rec. Dept. front desk, your child’s teacher and the school secretary.  We suggest sending an email including all parties at once at the time of the changes you are making on ePACT. This also would involve adding any additional info: allergies, contact persons, or any other concerns. 

    It’s absolutely crucial for our team to be informed about any existing additional/unlisted needs/concerns of a child. Whether a child may need bathroom reminders or specific subjects triggering aggressive behavior to a trauma that may manifest itself in specific situations. All information is confidential and we are only asking in order to be more helpful and provide proper and sensitive care when a child may need it.

Our philosophy is to create a safe environment, age-appropriate activities that strengthen families and to support the development of the whole child physically, mentally, socially and academically. Our activities include STEM, arts and crafts, team building, games, food activities and homework support. Primetime staff is trained in CPR/First Aid, 12 EEC essential trainings, positive behavior management, and child developmental subjects. 


    Our program will follow CDC and local health department guidelines for COVID-19 in the 2022/2023 school year.

    Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 2:30-5:30pm and on school early release days from 12:30 -5:30pm

    Full day programs are available (8:30am-4:45pm) during school vacation in February and April.

    Safety is our priority, and in order to have a smooth transition from school to the after-school program we kindly ask parents/guardians to inform the site coordinator (via phone or email) if your child attended school, but will not attend the after-school program.  Please communicate the changes with the school as well.

    Bus transportation at the end of the day will start in the second part of September and is designated for families who otherwise won’t be able to attend our program. Additional bus info will follow. 

    It’s the parents/guardians’ obligation to provide the site coordinator with child information regarding any health/wellness concerns. Individual Health Plans must be filled for any child with health/life threating conditions. Any medication must be submitted in original box with the pharmacy label on (or prior) the first day of attending Primetime. 

    It is our policy that children will not bring the following to Primetime; toys, electronic games or music players, gadgets, cards or any similar items. We understand that with parents’ permission older students may carry cell phones. Please remind your child that during the after-school program cell phones are only for emergency communication and otherwise should stay in their backpack.

    Please make sure your child wears appropriate clothes and shoes for inside and outside play. We go outside everyday unless there is heavy rain or extreme cold. We suggest to label all clothing. 

Contact Us

Prime Time Direct phone - 413-362-4075

Amherst Rec. Office phone -  413-259-3065

Site Coordinator Email - Grace Marczuk

Email -

 Thank you for entrusting your child(ren) in our care!

Primetime Staff

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About the Prime Time Afterschool Program

Our program offers quality after-school child care with experienced directors and staff. We are licensed by EEC and accredited by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Office of Child Care Services. All staff receive comprehensive child care training and are certified in Red Cross First Aid and CPR. The Program follows the Amherst school system calendar. Please note: No Child Care is provided on Snow days or on Curriculum days. 

Read more about our program and find more resources in our Parent Handbook

  • Grades K-3: More Structured and more programming
  • Grades 4-6: Less Structured and more choice in activities 
Changes or withdrawals
Withdrawals and day changes must be made in writing to prior to the month of change and fees will apply.


  • Creative art projects
  • Visiting artists
  • Nature walks
  • Field trips
  • Story time
  • Computers
  • Sports
  • Games
  • Free time
  • And more!

Contact Us
Crocker Farm Elementary School, 280 West St., Amherst, MA

Contact Us
Prime Time Direct phone - 413-362-4075
Amherst Rec. Office phone - 413-259-3065
Site Coordinator Email - Grace Marczuk
Email -

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