Governance, Organization & Legislation Committee

G.O.L. Committee Charge

Name: Governance, Organization & Legislation Committee
Type: Council
Authority: Amherst Home Rule Charter Section 2.6(e)
Appointing Authority: Town Council
Number of Voting Members: Five (5) Councilors
Term of Appointment: One (1) Year

Authority: Section 2.6(e) of the Amherst Home Rule Charter adopted on March 27, 2018 authorizes the Town Council to determine its own standing or ad hoc committees.


  • The Governance, Organization and Legislation Committee shall:
  • Advise the Town Council on matters of internal rules [Sec. 2.6(d)], governance and organization.
  • Review bylaws and resolutions proposed for action by the Town Council for form, content and organization to assure they are clear, consistent and actionable by the Town Council.  This may include consultation with the Town Attorney.

Membership: The Committee shall consist of five (5) Councilors.

Charge Adopted: December 17, 2018