Amherst Affordable Housing Advocacy Coalition

Goals: To Inform. To Engage. To Advocate.  

The Citizens' Housing and Planning Association (CHAPA) and Amherst Municipal Affordable Housing Trust (AMAHT) have come partnered to form a Housing Advocacy Coalition. 

The goal of the Municipal Engagement Initiative is to help communities build support for affordable housing production. CHAPA will provide technical assistance to the Trust toward the following collaborative goals:

  • Create a broad-based Housing Coalition in Amherst. 
  • Present to and build support for the Trust Housing Policy from the following Town entities: Town Council, Planning Board, Community Preservation Act Committee, Planning Department, and other relevant Town Boards and Committees. 
  • Build support for the Trust Housing Policy amongst other civic, non-profit, and educational organizations in Amherst. 
  • Develop strategies identified by the Trust and the newly formed Housing Coalition to advance specific proposals that will lead to housing development. This may include zoning changes or using municipally owned property for housing development. Additional goals, as mutually agreed upon by the Trust and CHAPA.


Next Meeting

Tuesday, July 23, 6:30 PM, Bangs Center Room 101

The Agenda will include the following:

  • Debriefing on advocacy for 132 Northampton Road
  • Review of projects underway and ideas for consideration
  • Consideration of Draft Housing Trust Plan to expand affordable housing in Amherst by 250 units in the next five years