Ranked-Choice Voting Commission

Committee Charge

Type: Ad Hoc
Authority: Amherst Home Rule Charter Section 10.10
Appointing Authority: Town Council and Town Manager
Number of Voting Members: Seven (7)
Term of Appointment: Two (2) years
Special Municipal Employees: Yes
Staff Support: Town Clerk
John Bryan                                                                                              term ends 12/1/2020
Jesse Crafts-Finch, Vice-Chair                                                               term ends 12/1/2020
Tanya Leise, Chair                                                                                  term ends 12/1/2020
Ellen Lindsey                                                                                           term ends 12/1/2020
Peggy Shannon                                                                                       term ends 12/1/2020
Shavena Martin, Ex Officio
One vacancy

NEXT MEETING DATE:  To Be Determined.  

Authority: Section 10.10 of the Amherst Home Rule Charter adopted on March 27, 2018 requires the Town Council to create a Ranked-Choice Voting Commission. 

In accordance with the Town Charter, the purpose of the Ranked-Choice Voting Commission is to propose: “…a measure to adopt and implement ranked-choice voting in Amherst.” “A voting method shall be considered ranked-choice voting if the voter ranks candidates in order of preference and a voter’s lower ranked choice does not impact the likelihood of a higher ranked choice being selected.” 

Membership: Section 10.10 of the Amherst Home Rule Charter states: The commission shall consist of 7 members: 1 shall be the Town Clerk or designee, 3 shall be residents appointed by the Town Council, and 3 shall be residents appointed by the Town Manager. 

Staff support: Town Clerk 

Reports: The Ranked-Choice Voting Commission shall propose a measure to the Town Council by December 1, 2020 (deadline extended per Town Council Order #FY21-26, voted September 21, 2020). 

Adoption: The Town Council shall adopt the proposed measure with or without amendments within 90 days of receipt. 

Charge Adopted: December 10, 2018

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 Results of Candy Election from Amherst Block Party

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