Resident Assistance Program

The Resident Assistance Program helps income eligible Amherst residents connect with local agencies for counseling and support in financial management. The program helps sustain housing by providing funds that will assist with rental arrears and utility bills. 

Please be aware that the process for accessing financial assistance takes 2 to 3 weeks.

To qualify applicants must be:  1.) A current Amherst resident,  2.) Income eligible (see income limits below), and 3.) be willing to consult with a social service program.  This program provides only one-time assistance.

Income Limits

Income Limits (HUD FY 2019)

1 Person2 Person3 Person4 Person5 Person6 Person7 Person8 Person


Assistance is based on the following guidelines:                                                                                                                       

  • Households and individuals will be required to provide documentation that confirms their household income meets the limits above. Homeless individuals do not need to provide income documentation. 
  • Documentation is required for every need. For example, if an applicant is facing an eviction, the eviction notice must be provided. Or, if an applicant is in arrears with a utility bill, the shut off notice must be provided. Referrals for homeless individuals will require a recommendation from a homelessness outreach worker.
  • Assistance will be provided as a last resort with the assurance that these funds will stabilize the residency of the household, for example, that a household or individual will not be evicted.
  • The Town of Amherst will be responsible for screening households and applicants to collect client information, documentation of need and household income.
  • In an effort to prevent families and individuals from facing recurring crisis, we will make referrals and provide contact information to local social services for support. 
  • The homelessness outreach worker(s) will be responsible for screening applicants who are currently homeless or at risk of becoming homeless and follow the same procedure as Town of Amherst staff.

Meeting With Staff

Meeting with staff is by appointment only, we are not able to take drop-in appointments. If you call and get voice-mail, please leave your name and how we may contact you via phone call or email, we are not able to text. All messages are returned! Thank you for your patience.

To Submit an Application

The Application Form is available to be downloaded or you may call and we will provide you with one. Please complete all pages: the Checklist, Application and the Release of Information. Please call to set up an appointment with staff. You may leave a phone number or e-mail address and a staff member will contact you. 

Amherst Health Department
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Phone: 413-259-3077
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