Annual Town Manager Evaluation

The Town Council has completed Town Manager Paul Bockelman’s annual performance evaluation, his fourth since being appointed to the position in August of 2016. He received strong ratings across five of the seven evaluation categories: Fiscal Management; Personnel Management; Community, Intergovernmental Relations, and Volunteer Committees, Boards, and Commissions; Economic Development; and Relationship to the Town Council. Two evaluation categories: Climate Action and Long Term Planning were rated as Satisfactory with the recognition that progress was inhibited due to the global pandemic.

“Paul continued to provide strong and innovative leadership to the Town of Amherst as we started this past fiscal year. When confronted with the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, he and his team provided superb leadership and management,” said Town Council President Lynn Griesemer. "While we continue to face many challenges in the coming year, we also look forward to working with Paul to ensure a sound future for the Town.” 

After receiving feedback from the public, town committee members, staff, and all Town Councilors, the Town Council, has approved a 2% cost of living adjustment. Councilors agree that the Town Manager’s evaluation would warrant a performance-based increase, but given the present fiscal uncertainties, this type of increase is not appropriate at this time. The cost of living adjustment will increase Bockelman’s salary from $179,431.98 to $183,020.62 beginning September 1, 2020. Last year the Town Council renegotiated Bockelman’s contract extending his employment through August 31, 2023 and awarded both a cost of living adjustment and a performance-based increase. 

Determination of the salary increase was agreed to in Executive Session August 31, 2020 and will be formally approved during the next regular meeting of the Town Council Meeting on September 14, 2020. 

“This has been a demanding year that has been a challenge to each and every municipal employee,” Bockelman said. “I commend our talented team, especially our department leaders, who have stepped up and gone above and beyond the global pandemic. We all have a strong commitment to the future of the Town of Amherst. I am very proud to me a member of such a talented municipal staff.”

For questions, please contact Council President Lynn Griesemer via email

Important Documents:

Below are the Town Council’s broad performance goals for the Town Manager. The seven major goals are: 

  1. Strong Fiscal Management: Ensure the Town budget allocates resources responsibly and responsively.
  2. Climate Action: Using a lens of Climate Action, prioritize and begin to implement regulatory, fiscal, and other actions to meet energy, sustainability, and resilience goals.
  3. Long-term Planning: Develop Plans Consistent with Town’s Long-Term Vision. 
  4. Personnel Management:  Manage staff, emphasizing the responsiveness and effectiveness in delivering services to our community.
  5.  Expand Community Engagement and Strengthen Intergovernmental Relations, Volunteer Committees, Boards, and Commissions.
  6. Economic Development:  Identify opportunities to improve the cultural and economic vitality of Amherst
  7.  Relationship to the Town Council