Heading Back to Work

The Town of Amherst is looking forward to bringing employees back to work as we begin to create our new normal in the coming days and weeks in accordance with state guidelines. The impacts of COVID-19 will continue to affect all of us for some time. Fortunately, through working collaboratively and creatively together, the Reopening Committee, and in collaboration with Department Heads, have developed COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that will help to ensure employee safety. 

  • Education: Employees will review the SOPs and receive a copy of them when they return to work. This process will include some of the simple reminders that we’ve all heard over the past months, including washing hands regularly, avoiding group gatherings, covering the mouth when sneezing or coughing, etc. The Town is encouraging all employees, visitor and residents:to wear masks whenever possible, especially if social distancing cannot be maintained.
  •  Mental and Physical Wellness: Employees are encouraged to take advantage of Town-sponsored EAP resources and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Regular communication is sent out via email to raise awareness of wellness activities. If employees are struggling, they are encouraged to speak with their supervisor or Human Resources. 
  • Communication: Employees are encouraged to engage in open communication. This is the best way to get concerns addressed quickly. The Town will also continue to provide regular communications to ensure every employee knows what is going on in the Town. 

Lastly, all employees are encouraged to come forward with new ideas for enhancing workplace safety. Please send your comments and suggestions to humanresources@amherstma.gov

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