Special Student Information

Limited Use Sticker Exemption -

Students with a valid UMass, Hampshire College or Amherst College I.D. may use the Transfer Station on a limited basis without a vehicle sticker. Disposal Fees Apply - Cash or Check Only
This exemption is designed for "clean-outs", "clean-ups" as well as removal of bulky trash items a private hauler might not accept

Students who wish to utilize the Transfer Station frequently for recycling or trash disposal must obtain a Transfer Station Sticker

Things to Avoid Placing in the Trash
The State of Massachusetts prohibits the disposal of certain materials in landfills. Some of it can, and should, be recycled, reducing dependency on landfills. Some of it is toxic and should be avoided in landfills for this reason.

For help identifying these materials and the household products they are found in, visit What Can’t Go In the Trash. For information about appropriate disposal see The A to Z Disposal Guide.