Products for Sale

The Transfer Station offers the following items for sale. With the exception of the pre-paid trash bags, the Vehicle Sticker requirement is waived for their purchase. The remaining items may be purchased by any Amherst, Pelham or Shutesbury resident regardless of Vehicle Sticker ownership.

Home Composting Units
Along with an 11 cubic foot capacity (about 4 bags of leaves), the black plastic Earth Machine composting unit has a locking lid and a sliding door at the base for compost removal. Find out more about home composting.

Curbside Recycling Bins
14 gallon heavy-duty plastic recycling bins are available in blue only.

Leaf Bags
Biodegradable paper bags for leaves and grass clippings are sold in packages of 10.

Prepaid Trash Bags
33 gallon clear plastic prepaid trash bags are available for sale to Amherst, Pelham and Shutesbury in packages of 10.

Rain Barrels
Each spring we offer rain barrels at a special price to help residents conserve water, save money, and reduce storm water run-off. After installation, each recycled plastic barrel collects up to 60 gallons of pure rainwater from the roof of the owner's home and is fitted with a screened inlet, overflow pipe, and outlet spigot, Multiple barrels may be joined for additional capacity.
Sharps / Safe Needle Collection Containers
Amherst residents who administer medication with needles or generate blood testing waste can purchase red plastic sharps containers with tight-fitting lids at the Transfer Station or at the Health Department (by appointment).

The fee for the container includes the disposal of the filled container with a licensed medical waste hauler. Simply return your filled container to the Transfer Station or the Health Department.