Open Space & Recreation Plan


The Town of Amherst is updating it's Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP), which has not been updated since 2009. The updated Plan will be used to guide the Town's decisions regarding the use, management, and acquisition of Amherst's valued open spaces, conservation areas, parks, and recreational resources over the next seven years.

Town staff is working with the Conservation Commission, Leisure Services and Supplemental Education (LSSE) Commission, and the public to gather input and prepare the updated Plan, which will be valid through 2024.


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The Town is currently looking for your comments and suggestions on the draft updated plan. Links to the draft plan are provided below, as well as links to the existing 2009 approved plan for comparison. What are your ideas, thoughts, and visions for Amherst's open space and recreation resources? Comments on the draft or existing OSRP may be submitted by email, postal mail, or by phone to Nate Malloy at the address above.

2017 Draft Updated Plan 
2017 Draft Updated Plan 

Required Maps
Map 1: Regional Context
Map 2: Population Characteristics - Env Justice Populations
Map 3: Zoning
Map 4: Soils and Geologic Features
Map 5: Scenic Resources and Unique Features
Map 6: Water Resources
Map 7: Inventory of Protected Lands
Map 8: Action Plan

2009 Approved Plan  


Required Maps






Nate Malloy
​OSRP Update Coordinator


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