Design Review Board


The Design Review Board (DRB) and its accompanying zoning regulations were created by Town Meeting in October 1983.  The charge and purpose of the Design Review Board under Section 3.2 of the Zoning Bylaw: 

         ... is to preserve and enhance the Town's cultural, economic and historical resources
         by providing for a detailed review of all changes in land use, the appearance of      
         structures and  the appearance of sites which may affect these resources.

The DRB exercises this responsibility by providing design review and recommendations to private applicants and permit granting boards within specific overlay zoning districts in the Town Center--the Design Review (DR) overlay district and the Town Common Design Review (TCDR) overlay district.  Design Review is also provided for Town departments and permit granting boards with respect to Town projects anywhere in Amherst “which will result in substantial alteration to the form or appearance of a structure or site.”
Members Year Appointed Term Expiration
Lindsay Schnarr
Catharine Porter 2015 2021
Janet Marquardt, Historical Commission Rep
2016 2018
Michael Birtwistle, Planning Board Rep
2016 2020
Erika Zekos
2019 2023