Fee Schedule
Type of Permit
New Single Family Dwelling (Does not include service or meter.) Limit of 2500 square feet
Above determined by square feet or by Electrical Inspector.
New Multi-Family Dwelling - Per Unit (Does not include service or meter(s).) $100
Finished Common Space* - Per Space $100
Additions, Alterations**, Accessory Structures - Per Structure
(Does not include service or meter.)
Limited Energy Alarm & Communications Systems - Per Unit $45
Separately Derived Systems - windmills, photovoltaic systems, generators, or
provision for generator connections including transfer switches.
First 5 KW
Each additional KW or part thereof

Minimum Fee (One Anticipated Inspection)
Each Re-Inspection

*Finished common space corridors and halls on all floors count as 1 common space. Other common space
includes, but is not limited to: Assembly rooms, laundry areas, storage areas, and garage spaces.

**If over 75% of the building is involved in the alteration, then the rate for new construction applies.