Preparing for the Presidential Election


Thank you for taking the time to read the following which is being offered in an effort to ensure your ability to vote in the Presidential Election to be held on November 3, 2020.

Please remember; in order to vote in the Town of Amherst you must be a registered voter in the Town of Amherst and you must vote in the precinct in which you are a registered voter. The deadline to register to vote or make changes to your voter registration for the Presidential Election in person is 8:00 p.m. on October 14, 2020 or midnight online.

If you believe you have already registered to vote in the Town of Amherst, please consider the following:

  1. Did you fill out your voter registration affidavit somewhere other than the Town Clerk's office?
  2. Did you register to vote at the Registry of Motor Vehicles or during a voter registration drive? If so, did you register to vote for Amherst? 
  3. Did you subsequently receive written acknowledgment from the Amherst Town Clerk's office that your voter registration had been processed? 

If you are confident that you successfully registered to vote in Amherst please consider the following:

  1. Have you moved since registering to vote? 
  2. If so, did you notify the Town Clerk's office? 
  3. Did you receive a subsequent acknowledgement notice that the address change had been processed?

How long has it been since you voted? 

If you haven't voted in Amherst since 2016 or before you are strongly encouraged to check your voter registration status prior to the October 14, 2020 voter registration deadline, so that if you have been removed you will still have time to register to vote for the Presidential Election.

You can check your voter registration status by visiting

If you are not registered to vote in Amherst, you should call the City or Town Clerk in the community in which you are registered to verify your voting status and to apply for an Absentee Ballot if you will be unable to go to your polling place to vote. 

You may only vote in the community in which you are registered.

The Amherst Town Clerk's office hopes you find this information helpful.  We absolutely support your right to vote, but in order to allow you to vote in Amherst you must meet the requirements that are established by law.

Please take the time now to check on your voting status by going to 

Checking your voter registration status before the October 19, 2016 deadline and immediately taking any actions needed will help avoid problems Election Day.
Thank you,

Sandra J. Burgess
Amherst Town Clerk
Your Vote Counts