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The legislative body of the Town of Amherst is a Representative Town Meeting, consisting of 240 elected Town Meeting members, 24 from each of 10 precincts plus 14 ex officio members: the 5 members of the Select Board, the 5 members of the School Committee, the President of the Library Trustees, the Chair of the Finance Committee, the Moderator, and the Town Manager. The Annual Town Meeting usually begins in late April or early May.
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Fall Special Town Meeting November 14, 2016

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(All in PDF Format - Results, Attendance, and Votes are updated the day after each session of Town Meeting)

Electronic Voting Results
Nov 14, 2016 Articles __ and __  PDF | Excel

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Planning Board Reports:

Petitions Certified to Date:
General Petition O'Connor V. et al East Pleasant/Triangle St Intersection Improvement
General Petition O'Connor V. et al Public Works Building and Road Improvements
Zoning Petition Guidera et al Hallock Area Rezoning
Zoning Petition Guidera et al Triangle Rezoning
Zoning Petition Guidera et al South Prospect Rezoning 

Presentations at Town Meeting:

Town Meeting Archive – Past Town Meeting Warrants, Results and Related Information

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