Committee Charge

Community Voices / Budget Choices Committee Charge 
  1. To compile a set of individual budget scenarios, covering the next five years, (FY 10 to FY 15) created by Town, School and Library administrators and responsible committees and boards into a set of composite scenarios for all Town services complete with estimates of required revenues as provided by staff and the Finance Committee.
  2. To engage the public in a multi-year financial planning discussion by presenting the set of composite scenarios to the public through public meetings, and otherwise, with the express purpose of eliciting broad public input on long-term preferences for service priorities and levels of service as well as preferences for funding levels and options. 
  3. To recommend, by October 15, 2008, one composite scenario to the Budget Coordinating Group, and ultimately the Select Board, School Committee, Library Trustees and Finance Committee, said recommendation to have taken into account broad based community input and can be one of the original scenarios as put forth or it can be a modification of one based on community input.This committee is a temporary committee, expected to begin work in April 2008 and complete work by the end of December 2008.