Planning Amherst Together At Random Survey Results


At-Random Master Plan Survey Results

After thousands of citizen ideas with IDEA GATHERINGS... COMMUNITY CHOICES... WORK GROUP STRATEGIES... and even, the LAST CALL Questionnaire – we now have the results of the very first “AT RANDOM” community survey that tested many different perspectives among 665 citizens, chosen completely at-random from the Town's census database.

This survey is a scientifically-valid and defensible tool for gathering public input on key issues related to the comprehensive Master Plan process. Information collected at the IDEA GATHERING Meetings and similar community exercises were used to create the survey design. This survey provides a “go-ahead” signal for certain concepts... some tweaking for other concepts... and a “back-to-the-drawing-boards” signal for still others.


A randomly-selected, representative cross section of approximately 1000 members of Amherst’s diverse population were asked to validate or invalidate the conclusions reached in the planning process to date. The survey could be a go-forward signal for some features of the process; and it could redirect other features.

The survey collected information from a broad cross-section of community residents in order to help clarify the community's preferences and priorities in a clear and quantifiable manner.

At-Random Survey Analysis Documents:

  Community Survey Draft Report (PDF)

  Community Survey Results (by question) Displayed in Chart Form (PDF) See Key to 1 to  5 Scale

  Preference Ratings Arranged Numerically (PDF)

  Preference Levels Arranged by Question (PDF)

At-Random Survey questions (PDF) At-Random Preliminary Survey Results:

   At-Random Survey Results (PDF)

   Related Comments from the At-Random Survey participants (PDF)

Last Call Survey Results: This feedback is being incorporated into the planning strategies.

   List of 242 Strategies for each element of the Plan (PDF)

   Comments on the Last Call Survey (PDF)

   Town Meeting Members Feedback (PDF) - Town Meeting Members to indicated their strategy preferences.

   Master Plan Online Feedback (Idea Machine, etc)