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September 26, 2020 8:30 AM

COVID-19 Updates

September 26, 2020 Current & Total Laboratory Confirmed COVID-19 Cases:
Amherst Current Cases: 17
Amherst Running Total: 158
Hampshire County: 1,214
Massachusetts: 127,317

*NEW 9/3/20: MDPH now includes (+) antigen and serology lab results AND symptoms as confirmed cases ( The Town of Amherst will report laboratory confirmed COVID-19 case counts on an ongoing basis. A decrease in running total or steady number when current cases increase may be due to resolved duplication of cases or cases being reassigned to another town/city where residence is established. For more Massachusetts data visit MDPH COVID-19 Cases. This COVID-19 case count reflects laboratory confirmed cases reported by MDPH’s computerized surveillance and case management system called MAVEN (Massachusetts Virtual Epidemiological Network).*

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