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Posted on: September 13, 2017

Amherst Homeowners Encouraged to Utilize Ener-G-Save Home Energy Audit Program

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Philanthropist Harold Grinspoon sponsored a large-scale thermal imaging project called ener-G-save to help homeowners in the Valley learn more about their home’s energy efficiency and ways in which they can save money, increase the value of their homes and make them more comfortable and healthy - all while helping the planet. One hundred thousand single-family homes were scanned from public roads throughout the Valley, including those in Amherst, utilizing a new technology developed by MIT that does not infringe on privacy and only captures data that shows where and how much energy is leaking from a building’s envelope.


Select Amherst residents  received an envelope with an “ener-G-save” logo that contained a thermal image and report of their home. The recipients of these reports were identified as having the greatest potential for energy cost savings by making energy efficiency upgrades to their home. The thermal report provided a “hotline” number and web link to make it as easy as possible for recipients to act on the information in their report. Those who made the call, or filled out the form on the website, were connected to someone who scheduled a free energy audit of their residence, provided them with information on incentives and financing opportunities and could do the work as well. 


Assessing and investing in energy efficiency helps our town by creating local jobs, protecting the health of our citizens, and keeping money local. All Amherst residents may utilize this program by calling the energy cooperative Coop Power at (413) 279-9141 or going to the website to request an audit.


All Amherst homeowners are able to take advantage of the hotline for more information about free home energy audits by calling (413) 279-9141 or by going to For additional information, contact Amherst Sustainability Coordinator Stephanie Ciccarello at (413) 259-3149

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