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Posted on: April 4, 2018

Scheduled Water Main Flushing



     The Water Division of the Public Works
Department will begin its annual systematic water main flushing programs toclean the distribution system on Monday, April 23, 2018 (weather
permitting).  Water Division personnel will be flushing daily from 4:00 P.M. until finished, Monday through Fridayfor four consecutive weeks, or until finished.


     The flushing will begin on all streets in
Pelham, the northern portion of Echo Hill, Allen Mill Road, Jenks Street, WardStreet, Thayer Street, South East Street near the Fort River School, Main
Street and all streets northerly of College Street and bordered by StrongStreet.  The center of Town, North and South Prospect Streets and all streets westerly of North Pleasant and South Pleasant Streets, including University  Drive and all streets adjacent to the University of Massachusetts Campus will be done during this phase.


     The second section will be all streets
northerly of Strong Street and the University of Massachusetts Campus includingall apartment complexes, the Cushman area, East Pleasant Street, North Pleasant
Street and North Amherst area.


     The third section will include all streetsnortherly of Shays Street to Northampton Road and College Street including
South Pleasant Street, South East Street, Valley View, Mill Lane, ColonialVillage, Belchertown Road, Stanley Street, Amherst Fields, the entire southern
portion of Echo Hill and all apartment complexes.


     The fourth and final section will be inthe South Amherst area and proceed northerly on all streets and will also
include all apartment units involved in this area.  It will include all streets southerly of the Crocker Farm School, Shays Street, the area bordering the South Amherst common, Station Road and also the water distribution system on Warren  Wright Road, North Street and Route #9 in Belchertown.


     Residents may experience waterdiscoloration and low pressure during this period.  Running your water will clear up any


     Further information may be obtained bycalling the Public Works Department at (413)259-3050 X-0


cc:  UMass Physical Plant                                           

       Amherst College Physical Plant                           Fire Department

       Hampshire College Physical Plant                       Police Department

       Belchertown Selectmen                                       Amherst

       Pelham Selectmen                                                Daily HampshireGazette                                            


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