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Community Preservation Act FY25 Grant Application

  1. Grant Applications Due by Saturday, September 30, 2023 at 4:30pm.

    Grant Period Begins July 1, 2024

  2. Instructions

    Before submitting, please familiarize yourself with the CPA Plan. CPAC strongly recommends that applicants consult with relevant boards and committees prior to submitting an application. Applicants can find contact information for boards and committees on the CPA homepage. 

    The submission deadline for grant applications is Saturday, September 30, 2023 at 4:30pm. Funding becomes available for approved grant applications on July 1, 2024. CPAC will ask relevant boards, committees and commissions for their input on proposals and encourages applicants to consult with them before submission. Presentations of projects will be scheduled for CPAC meetings in November and December. Recipients of funds shall report back in writing annually about the progress of the project. Projects must be completed within three years of award and unspent funds returned to the CPA Fund.

  3. Criteria

    1. Feasibility of the Project; 2. Documentation for Estimated Costs; 3. Funding available: a. multiple sources of funding, b. need for additional funding in future years, c. demonstrates lack of other funding sources if applicable; 4. Urgency of the Project; 5. Estimated timeline from receipt of funding, to start and to completion; 6. Acquisition and/or preservation of threatened resources; 7. Population(s) to be served by the Project; 8. A Plan for how the project will be maintained over time; 9. Priority ranking of your Project set by relevant Town boards, committees or commissions.

  4. Funding Category*
    Check all that apply.
  5. Names and e-mail addresses for other members of your project team.
  6. Include specific details of your project, including deliverables, items to be repaired, specific purchases, etc. Once your proposal is approved by Town Council, no changes will be allowed.
  7. Please explain how you arrived at the proposed project budget. Please attach any cost estimates and describe efforts to obtain multiple estimates. Describe any other sources of funding that are  part of the total project budget.

  8. Attach your project budget.
  9. Describe the project timeline from inception to completion.

  10. Suggested attachments include floor or site plans, photographs, drawings, etc.
  11. Affirmations*

    I understand that if my project is approved by the Town Council, my organization will have a maximum of three years from July 1, 2024 to expend its grant. After June 30, 2027, the Town may return any unused money to the CPA fund for new appropriation, unless an extension is granted. I understand that I will be required to submit an annual progress report to the Town outlining the activities of the previous year and plans for the use of remaining funds. 

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