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Open Air Burning Permit Application

  1. Open Burning Permit Application - $25 Fee

  2. Amherst Fire Patch.jpg

  3. Procedure for obtaining your Burning Permit

    1. Complete application below and submit along with $25 fee, payable online from our payment site. You may be asked to provide proof of your online payment.

  4. 2. Call Fire Department business office at (413) 259-3082 to schedule an inspection. Inspections are done 7 days a week (dependent on emergency call activity).

  5. 3. Upon inspection you will be issued a permit that is valid through May 1st. On any subsequent day that you wish to burn brush you must call the Fire Dept. business office to state your intent to burn and to confirm that it is being allowed that day based on fire danger and air quality, both of which are determined by the State.

  6. You CANNOT burn brush until you have been issued the permit after an inspection occurs.

  7. Open Burning shall be conducted in accordance with the following regulations:

    - Only on days on which atmospheric and fire hazard conditions are suitable as determined by the Fire Department or the Department of Environmental Protection. -Burning may not being before 10:00 am -The fire must be completely extinguished by 4:00 pm -Allowable materials include tree branches, brush, cane, driftwood and forestry debris. -Prohibited materials include grass, leaves, whole trees, stumps, hay, and burning for land clearing. -Material shall not be piled to exceed 3 feet in height, 10 feet in width and 25 feet in length. -Burning shall not take place within 75 feet of a building. -The person authorized to conduct open burning under this permit shall remain present to control the fire until the fire is completely extinguished.

  8. Special Precautions

    A garden hose or other approved method of controlling and extinguishing the fire must be at the site where the burning is occurring.

  9. By clicking Submit below, you will be forwarded to the payment portal.

    Payment is required prior to calling in for your inspection, proof of payment may be requested by Amherst Fire Department Staff. If you are not prepared to pay immediately, payment can be made at any time by visiting:

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